terça-feira, abril 29


"The proceedings that your Disciplinary Committee recently initiated against the Benfica player Enzo Perez are a shame and should embarrass all that have minimum levels of honesty and integrity in UEFA. We all know that the Final of Europe League will be played in Turin and that Michel Platini, UEFA’s President, played for Juventus, Benfica’s opponent in this semi-final, but this is simply too much. To anticipate the meeting of the UEFA Disciplinary Committee that was only scheduled for the 15th of May and give Benfica only 24 hours to defend its position in order to exclude its best player from Thursday’s second legal is unprecedented and will further undermine UEFA’s credibility. Defend football and not what is convenient for you under certain economic perspectives or the clubs your executives support. In the end of the day, it is the passion for the game that you are killing with this type of decisions that pays your salaries and justifies your existence.
This video gives you a grasp of the referee’s performance in the first leg and is what you should really care about:"
BY Zé Maria Braga da Cruz in FB 
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artnis disse...

Este acto carregado de insídia, à boa maneira porcina, só tem por finalidade a desestabilização da nossa equipa e a do Enzo em particular.

Tem o mesmo valor (nada!) que a dos 3 minutos, feita pelo Sportém Comédias do Lumiar!!!